What is the difference between carpet area, built-up and super built-up area?
Answer: The area of Villa, not inclusive of the area of the walls, is known as carpet area. This is the area that is actually used and in which a carpet can be laid.
When there are villas of different sizes in a complex, how is the maintenance charge calculated?
Answer: Legally, the actual area owned by the individual is the basis for calculation of maintenance charge.
Are the titles of all projects undertaken by Srinivasa Constructions clear?
Answer: We deal projects on land with clear titles and clearances from all concerned statutory authorities.
Can customization of our Villa be facilitated?
Answer: Yes, but subject to technical feasibility, without any alterations on the exteriors and the building structure.
Will we be assisted in renting out the Villa?
Answer: Sure, we do get a lot of enquires, which could be redirected to our executives who could be of assistance in this.
Are prices quoted and finalized, subject to escalation?
Answer: Once the initial booking amount is paid, the price remains constant.
When can one sign the purchase agreement after paying the initial amount?
Answer: This can be done within 7 days from the date of initial payment being made.
What is the maximum amount of loan that can be availed from banks?
Answer: Generally, a maximum of 80% of the total cost i.e. including car park, registration and other costs.
Do you arrange Bank Loan?
Answer: Many MNC Banks, public sector banks and housing finance institutions, approve of our projects. Consequently, we will assist you with the documentation process to avail the bank loan. Further follow-up will be organized at various stages of loan processing and disbursement of sanctioned loans.
How do I finance my dream home and save on tax?
Interest paid on housing loan can be claimed as deduction under u/s. 24(b) to the maximum extent of Rs. 1,50,000 per year (when house is self-occupied). Such limit is per person and not for one property. Hence, a loan can be taken in two joint names for one house to claim deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakhs each for both the persons repaying the loan.

In case, you are letting out your property, the entire interest is exempted.

Repayment of the principal amount of housing loan is also eligible for rebate under u/s. 88 subject to a maximum sum of Rs. 1,00,000/- per year.
What is the rate of interest?
The floating rate of interest on housing loans are currently from 10.0% to 11.0% depending on banker, loan amount, the tenure of the loan, credit profile of the borrower etc.
What are the documents I will have to submit to the bank?
For NRIs (Salaried)
1 Employment contract copy
2 Past occupational history
3 Latest 6 months' salary slip / Pay stubs
4 Latest work permit / Labour card
5 Identity Card issued by the current employer
6 Passport with visa stamping
7 Overseas / International bank account statement for the last 6 months - (Salary credited bank statements)
8 Latest 6 months bank statements from NRE / NRO Account. Else, open an account with any bank.
9 GPA to be attested by Notary (GPA soft copy will be sent to you or directly to NRI applicant separately). The application can be signed by GPA holder. We can get the financial approval on soft copies.
10 One photograph duly signed front side
11 W2 forms or Annual Income Tax returns of last 2 years
12 Credit report with credit score (for USA and UK)
For Salaried
1 Form-16 of last 2 years. For AAA rated company employees with professional qualifications, Form-16 of 1 year will suffice.
2 Last 3 months pay slip
3 CTC (Cost To Company) and Appointment letter copy
4 Last 6 months salary crediting bank statement
5 Pan Card and Company ID card copies
6 Residence phone bill or Letter from HR Department regarding residing address.
7 Highest qualification certificate copy
8 Resume or Bio-Data
9 Latest color photograph
All above documents are to be self-attested.
For Self Employed
1 Last 3 or 2 years Income Tax Returns (If businessman possesses one year IT returns, we need that year's bank statement with an average balance of at least Rs.30000/- minimum)
2 Last 6 months bank statement
3 Pan Card and Voter ID or Driving License or Passport or Ration card copies
4 Business Registration proof
5 Residence phone bill
6 Office address proof can be phone bill or rental deed etc.
7 Latest color photograph
All above documents are to be self-attested.