Drive on Your Own Private Highway

The wide entrance road to SIRI VALLEY is designed to feel like your own private highway. Grab your keys!

Beat the Heat

Well-ventilated villas make your living cheerful and comfortable. In addition, since we are using Euro brick it will maintain 20% less heat in your villa.

Escape Power Cuts

Our world-standard power backup ensures that you can live life uninterrupted.

Personalize Your Bathroom

Our aesthetically designed bathrooms give you the freedom and space to make it your own.

Watch Your Bathrooms Fittings Sparkle

Shiny. Elegant. International. These fittings add glamour to your bathrooms.

Feel Premium Quality at Your Fingertip

High quality circuitry and aesthetically hidden wiring make your switches a pleasure to see and use.

Bask in the Sun's Glow

Bask in the warmth of the sun's rays filtering in through your large windows. All you need is some nimbu paani, your favourite book and a comfy pillow!

Unwind with the Sun

Enjoy the warm glow of the setting sun from your your own personal balcony.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy family is a happy family. Go for a walk, take a swim, play a game of basketball - the options are endless!

Go on a Walk

Spend some quality time catching up with your loved ones on a long walk in the park.

Swim to Your Heart's Content

Jump right in with your family for a splashing great time.

Lift, Drive or Drop

Fancy a thumping smash or a deft drop shot? Enjoy a long rally with friends on the outdoor badminton court.

Hit the Gym

Staying fit was never this easy! Burn calories at our state-of-the-art gym

Let your kids can have more fun

Your kids can now catch an extra hour of sleep, as international-standard schools like Oakridge School , Silver Oaks, Kennady High-Global School, Ganges Valley School, Vikas The Concept School, Sangamitra School are all just 15 minutes away.

Breathe Easy in Sickness & Health

You can rest easy in the knowledge that corporate and community healthcare services are just 10 minutes away

Go to the Mall

Sujana Fourm mall, Manjeera Mall, Inorbit Mall, are just a short distance away. Even shorter on weekends!

Be Part of a Community

SIRI VALLEY homeowners are a young and vibrant group. Great friendships and lifelong bonds are awaits you.

Celebrate Together

The good times never end at SIRI VALLEY. Celebrate everything from India's World Cup win to New year celebrations with your fellow residents.